Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sticking Around for the Long Haul: Mike Huckabee

LIZ SIDOTI writes:
WASHINGTON - Mike Huckabee hasn't won a Republican presidential contest in a month. The result: money is tighter, his staff is smaller and he can't seem to get the attention he once did.

Still, he says he's sticking around for the long haul
— well past Tuesday's coast-to-coast primaries and caucuses if need be.

"I'll stay in until someone has 1,191 delegates," the former Arkansas governor insisted Sunday in a telephone interview with The Associated Press from Kennessaw, Ga. He was referring to the number of convention delegates needed to win the party nod. "A year ago, nobody said I'd still be here. Look who's still on his feet."

With 21 states holding contests Tuesday and offering more than 1,000 delegates, Huckabee's continued presence could be a major factor in what essentially has become a two-man race between Republican front-runner John McCain and Mitt Romney.


Winghunter said...

The Huckster - Opportunist Extraordinaire

JonS said...

Listen up Evangelicals, ONLY a vote for MITT ROMNEY in Republican primaries is a vote AGAINST MCCAIN, a loser that is being aggressively imposed on us by the establishment and the “mainstream” media. By casting your vote on ANY OTHER candidate you will be helping MCCAIN to win the Republican nomination.

toothdigger said...


I do not agree. We should not use our votes as leverage to keep one candidate off the ballot. At least not at this point.

I vote FOR a person, not AGAINST another.