Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seacoast, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Ranked No. 5 On 'Most Innovative Churches' Listing

Church Relevance writes:
Outreach magazine has published the list of the 25 Most Innovative Churches in America for 2008 in their January/February ‘08 issue. As usual, they also publish an in-depth article exploring some of the most innovative things these 25 churches have done over the past year.

While the 25 Most Innovative Churches list is fascinating by itself, I find it equally fascinating to see which previous “church lists” these 25 churches have also been included on. Most of them have been featured on lists of the “fastest-growing,” “the largest,” and “the most influential churches.” So is their “innovation” the key to their success? I’m sure it is a big factor. At the same time, their inclusion on previous lists (as well as other factors) often brings these churches’ innovative methods into the limelight.

Some of the most innovative churches in America may not be on this list because it is impossible to be aware of what all the churches in America are doing. But despite this challenge, Outreach magazine did a pretty good job. Here are the top 15...

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