Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sprint: A Flood Of Defections

I,for one, am not surprised that Sprint is losing customers and money. I have been a Sprint customer since 2001 and I dislike Sprint's customer service beyond explanation. Never consistent! Fees that vary from month to month, sometimes up to 15 dollars in poorly explained recuperation costs. Ridiculous contracts that are not honored - for example, when we first signed up with Sprint, we were promised three lines for the same amount of money each month. At the time, we only needed two lines, so we asked if we could have the third line later on. Sure thing! Well, when we decided to add the third line - oh, sorry, we don't offer a third line on this plan. Oh, you were promised this. Oh, you were. Here it is in your contract. Well, we don't offer that plan anymore, so... sorry. You have to pay 20 dollars a month for that line. And on and on.

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