Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hand Over Heart: Is This Really What Makes Us Patriotic?

Asked during a town hall meeting in Lorain, Ohio, about "an attempt by conservatives and Republicans to paint you as unpatriotic," a questioner cited the fact that [Barack] Obama once failed to put his hand over his heart while singing the national anthem.

The questioner also noted that the Illinois senator does not wear an American flag lapel pin, has met with former members of the radical anti-Vietnam War group, Weather Underground, and his wife was quoted recently as saying she never felt really proud of the United States until recently.

Asked how he would fight the image of being unpatriotic, Obama said, "There's always some nonsense going on in general elections. Right? If it wasn't this, it would be something else. If you recall, first it was my name. Right? That was a problem. And then there was the Muslim e-mail thing and that hasn't worked out so well, and now it's the patriotism thing.

"The way I will respond to it is with the truth: that I owe everything I am to this country," he said. Obama said it was a speech about his love for this country that put him in the national spotlight. He shot down the idea that failing to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem makes him unpatriotic.


Anonymous said...

This is a man with strong support from Farrakahn, who has suggested elimination of Jews and whites. WAKE UP PEOPLE!! He has done nothing for the state of Illinois and completely ignored black voters and the students massacred at NIU. What kind of President do you honestly think he will be? I don't care if he wears a flag pin. Hand over heart? Yes, that's a sign of respect. He has no respect for our country. He has a hidden agenda!

Anonymous said...

Obama is very arrogant!!! And I am shocked that the media doesn't call him on it.. He simply chooses to ignore any tough questions about his past by saying that the questions are ridiculous and instead america needs to focus on the future.

Isn't the past a reflection of the future???

Its a shame that AMerica is falling for this preacher..

Anonymous said...

What? Give me a break. The man was born in the United States, how dare his fellow citizens question his patriotism. And on what basis? Because he didn't spend his entire life holed up in some small town in middle America? Because he actually left the nest to gain experience and education?

His policies may be borderline socialist (he IS a Democrat) but to ascribe to Obama allegiances (Weather Underground?? really?) and to resort to rhetoric like "he has done nothing for the state of Illinois" is ridiculous. Why are we not questioning Hillary's patriotism? Is it because she is a white woman named "Hillary"? America deserves what it gets if it is going to choose its leaders (D or R) based on this kind of crap.

Anonymous said...

If I remember from grade put your hand over your heart during the "PLEDGE" of Allegiance (pledge being the important word, which is why we place our hand over our heart) NOT during the national anthem. Listen to the words in both...which one makes sense to put your hand over your heart?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last commenter; it's common custom to put your hand over your heart for the pledge of allegiance moreso than during the playing of the anthem. What is wrong with Americans these days? The ignorance is overwhelming. Also, this anger over a flag pin? A FLAG. PIN? What a joke. Please look up the definition of patriotism.

My father's a 28-year Air Force vet that flew combat flight Vietnam, and he doesn't do any of this nonsense either. We spoke about these trumped-up charges, and are in agreement that there's some really angry folks in this country right now. You're grabbing at strawmen, people.

Is this all it takes to be a patriot, some empty and materialistic gesturing? It's just another way to mark yourself as something you're probably not. BTW, I agree with Michelle. In case you haven't noticed, life hasn't been a cakewalk for blacks in this country. The vitriol being spewed during this campaign truly shows that we aren't post-racial. What a joke. These are the exact moments when being an American is disheartening.

BookerT said...

eWell, America here we are again, no one can truly know what its like to black unless you're black. Truth is always arrogant! Why do we continue to force irreverent issues, when there no true requirements for the job,other than age,citizenships and the majority votes. We can't get any worse than we already are.(Dubya)But this is a time that the country needs an upgrade in all areas and I feel no one can understand all sides of the fence better than this highly educated, excited SENATOR who just happens to be black. It is not about the man its about the mission he has in mind to makeover our position as country. No more black tax please!

toothdigger said...

Thanks to those who have contributed to this lively discussion regarding the question of Barack Obama: his patriotism and his leadership.