Saturday, February 16, 2008

'Doubt' Opened At South Carolina Repertory Theatre in Hilton Head

photo credit: Jay Karr
"Doubt" actually follows a trend of "thinking" films, plays and stories that are more multi-dimensional -- in other words, it's not a formulaic theatrical vehicle with beginning, middle and end. "It's a one-act play," (Blake)White (Production Associate) says. "The second act is the ride home."

In fact, critics hailed "Doubt" on Broadway as a play that ignites conversation among its viewers, citing its multiple layers of issues involving racism, religion and politics. "It played on Broadway for 500 performances," White says. "It was one of the best plays written in the past 15 years."

John Patrick Shanley, an Academy Award-winning screenplay writer, wrote "Doubt" in 2004 and is now set to direct it a film version starring Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Tom Evans, the play's director, and Barbara Farrar, who plays Sister Aloysius, decided to bring "Doubt" to the Repertory Company's stage after seeing it on Broadway two years ago.

"The curtain came down and we turned to each other afterward and said, 'We have to bring it to the SCRC.' "

Pat and Hank Haskell, the Repertory Company's founders, loved the play so much that "Doubt" is the longest-running play the company has ever had.

"Our audience is great," Evans says. "They like plays that challenge them."

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