Sunday, February 17, 2008

'Get It Together, Baby' Applebee's Campaign Ain't So Hot

APPLEBEE's Media Release describes:

In one spot, the apple sits on a park bench with a young man who is sending text messages to friends. The apple asks, "That's how you carry on a friendship, baby? With your thumbs? Of course, it ain't my business."

The man turns to the apple and replies, "Well, if it ain't your business, why are you all up in mine?"

The apple replies, "Cause you people need to get eyeball-to-eyeball over the flavors that bring people together."

Next, viewers see the man enjoying dinner with his friends at an Applebee's restaurant. He turns to the apple and asks, "Can everyone hear you or is it just me?"

The Apple replies, "Talk to your buddies." The spot ends with a voice over, "Applebee's. Get it together, baby."

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