Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Right to Life: The Basis of Our Freedoms

Deacon Keith Fournier writes:
Even if you call what is wrong a “right”, and even if unelected Justices create a “penumbra” out of whole cloth behind which to hide the evil, you cannot make it right. The natural law and science confirm what we have always known, that the child in [the] womb is our neighbor.

We simply should not kill our neighbor.

Without the freedom to be born, there are no other freedoms.
Freedom is a good of the person. Children in the womb, like all of us, are human persons. Personhood cannot be limited to only those perceived to not be “dependent” on any other persons or we will soon eliminate many other categories of human persons.

Beside which, it is our dependency upon each other which actually makes us human. Our claims of compassion, the etymology of which means to “suffer with”, are exposed as a fraud when we do nothing to stop the killing of innocents in the womb, once the safest place on earth, with chemical weapons and surgical strikes.

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