Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Model of Propriety

For 46 years, Toby Phalen Young was a model of propriety.

Married to her high-school sweetheart since the age of 20, Ms. Young was a respected mother, business professional and philanthropist. She found homes for stray dogs and did volunteer work at a prison. She never even got a traffic ticket. Her siblings called her "goody two shoes."

Almost exactly two years ago, however, on the eve of Valentine's Day, Ms. Young used her volunteer status at Lansing Correctional Facility to smuggle out a convicted murderer. At age 27, John Manard had convinced the 48-year-old Ms. Young of his undying love for her. Before running off with him, she withdrew $42,000 from her retirement plan, purchased a getaway vehicle and packed it with her belongings. Her husband found a pair of pistols missing from their home, a discovery that turned the fugitive lovers into America's most-wanted couple.


Anonymous said...

so what's your opinion?

toothdigger said...

My opinion is that women are too easily influenced by men, despite out best intentions not to be.

We seek a man's favor even as we deny that we do so.

We subjugate our own desires to fulfill those of the men in our lives.

We women need to recognize that men have this influence on us; we need to recognize it so we can stand against it. We need, of course, to especially stand against the influences of a convicted murderer!

To believe such lies! Just so sad.

Anonymous said...

To be so stupid and then to try to blame a life that wasn't the fairy tale that she thought it should be. It sounds like her husband tried to be the man that most of us look for and then she tries to blame him. Shame on her.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! What a nut!!!! Maybe her ex-husband would have been better off if he would never have met her.