Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Heath Ledger Now the Brunt of Jokes

Tastelessness in Hollywood reaches new low: jokes are being made about Heath Ledger's recent death.
Courtney Hazlett writes:
Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange made jokes about the recent death of Heath Ledger during a Feb. 2 comedy show in Las Vegas, and the New York post reports New York City tour company Rich and Famous Tours has added the SoHo apartment where Ledger was found dead to its list of stops.

Both actions have prompted some to ask, “Is it too soon for this sort of thing?” No one asked me, but I say yes.

Too soon? When will it ever be time to joke about the death of a human being? Too soon? How about yes, it is not only too soon, it is too callous, too tacky, too pathetic?


delaTremoille said...

What happened with Heather Ledger is each day more and more common. We are going through quite difficult and complex times; many people cannot overcome the problems that they must face each day of their lives. Somebody had said before, instead of running or walking in a park, or socializing with good friends, positive ones, trying to overcome depression, anxiety and some emptiness in his life. Heather went to many doctors asking them for "magical solutions", which are all those pills mentioned in the article. I know most of them quite well, I had went through a similar circumstance and I had taken lots of them, until one day I got a scare when I noticed that I couldn't get up and I wasn’t breathing normally. I was alone at home, I pray to Our Lord and making lots of efforts, I walked away, took a taxi and went to a clinic. In some way I save my life, but was a miracle. Since then I just replace most pills with lots of exercises, a therapist and a break every once in a while, which anyone needs. Life is too precious and this crazy world where everything is so competitive, many people doesn’t realize how much they are loosing. How many real friends had Heather Ledger? Not so many I am convinced. Hollywood is not the best place to find true friendship. He was terribly alone, and after learning about those tasteless jokes about his tragic death, I can only feel contempt for those circles. As a Christian I am sure that Heath is resting in peace now, in spite of all what those Hollywood gossipers are chitchatting about him.

toothdigger said...

Thank you so much for your comments about Heath and yourself. I appreciate your walk with the Lord.