Thursday, December 13, 2007

"So Black, So White": Fiction by Toothdigger

So Black So White

Winter had arrived in South Carolina. The upstate was covered with four to six inches of snow depending upon the location. Trees were uprooted, broken in two by high winds. As a result, some towns had been without heat and light for weeks while power lines were repaired.

Pete, his wife Allie, and the kids drove into the mountains of western North Carolina to find a steep, snow-blanketed slope on which to ride the innertube. They located a great spot and started their fun. Their boy, Chris, yelled falling off the black rubber ring, arms flailing, body scraping snow into his slacks, white hair tossing here and there in the wind when Allie picked up a snowball to throw at Pete. She packed the snow loosely in her hands, so that the ball would not be too hard. She aimed and threw it low. When it hit, Pete glared at her.

"Don't try to hurt me," he yelled in her direction.

She gritted her teeth and walked away from the anger.

The anger was there between them now, it seemed to Allie, most of the time....(follow title link to read more)

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