Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The History of Your Cells Via DNA Scanning

Jerad Kaliher writes:
For the first time in history a company will be able to scan your DNA and tell you the history of your cells, where you’ve been for the past billion years and where your genetic future is going. 23andMe, a silicon valley startup with links to Google offers you the chance to shell out $999 for a personal map of your genomic profile.

Why would anyone beyond scientists and researchers want to do this? The company says because the information could be as fun as tracing family food preferences, sleeping habits and seeing which grandparent passed down your athletic ability. On a more serious note it will also give you insight as to what diseases and conditions you’re predisposed to - all the way from glaucoma to cancer.

The challenge isn’t behind uncovering the data. It’s finding a way to present it to both the layperson and a researcher. That’s really where this service aims to shine. The massive amount of information will be linked to current and future research. Right after you read about a new disease study you can go online and look to see if you are predisposed to that ailment in real time. While the novice will have very minimalistic reports, anyone can scan deeper. Possibly even to become a genetic hobbyist, where you’ll realize that access to your detailed information is already at your fingertips.

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