Monday, March 24, 2008

Men Cheating: Arrogance Is Blind

DAVID ZINCZENKO writes of why supposedly faithful men cheat on their wives. Here's one of the silliest, at least if these men can be called 'normally faithful':
It's not to say that entry-level men who make minimum salaries don't cheat, but it's also pretty clear that powerful men with the means to withdraw hefty sums of cash (for hotels, gifts, prostitutes) are often candidates. It's not just because they have more options; it's also because they think their invincibility in the office will also extend to their private lives, which they assume will remain private no matter how high-profile they may be. Arrogance is a form of blindness, after all.

The other reasons Mr. Zinczenko gives for supposedly faithful men cheating are equally cliche: the internet makes it easier, ego stroking at work by a pretty colleague, problems at home, etc. What Mr. Zinczenko fails to reckon is that men who cheat on their wives in the manner he describes are not 'normally faithful' husbands. They are normal cheaters who have the same old excuses.

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