Friday, March 21, 2008

Jesus and Self-Esteem

This morning as I drove to work in the early minutes prior to sunrise, I thought of Jesus. I wondered if Jesus ever regretted something he said or something he did. Immediately, I realized that the answer is 'of course not.'

Think about it: Jesus never felt remorse. He never said to himself, 'I wish I'd handled that differently; I wish I hadn't said that. I wish I hadn't felt or thought that.' He always felt, thought, said and acted perfectly. Every time. Every situation.

I think perfection is hard to imagine. So, think of this: Jesus had no pride. He was meek, gentle, humble. Yet, he also had perfect self-esteem. He never hated himself, never looked down upon himself or wondered why he was born. He always knew that he was of value. He never looked in a mirror and questioned himself. Yet, he also never looked in a mirror and said 'I am better than anyone else.' He never looked down on others. Instead he loved himself and others perfectly.