Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pre-Presidential Election Economic Jitters

Not being an economist, the following is just speculation. Speculation? Hmm, seems speculation is a major part of the U.S. and World stock markets. Panic on the floors of the stock exchanges around the world. All due to what seems obvious to me: a trumped up tale of economic woe in the United States on the eve of a presidential election. Not to say that our economy is not in trouble; just that it has been in trouble for several years. No one seemed to get this excited about it, though. Now, just before our elections and during our primaries, everyone is talking about a possible recession. What weird timing. Why talk about something that has not happened in order to make it happen? Make it happen so that voters will turn out against the Republicans and vote for Hillary Clinton who keeps telling us that we are in trouble. I didn't notice that I was in trouble until she told me I was. Of course, Hillary isn't the only one telling us that we are in an economic downturn - heck - down spin as of yesterday! The world's gone mad with worry. And worry begets fear, and fear begets panic, and panic begets a worldwide economic slowdown. How bizarre is that?

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