Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If You Are a Potential Viable Member of the Workforce, No Public Assistance for You

A very dear friend of mine who lives in California sent this story to me, which I asked her if I could share. She writes:
I have a white single female friend with 2 children who's having a devil of a time finding a job. She has no car, her kids are only 11, and she has got to be home in time to be able to walk to the school to get them from their after-school program that ends at 5:30. As a white female who speaks English, she is unable to get any sort of public assistance of any kind because she's a "potential viable member of the workforce with no language or race barriers" -- that's what the welfare office actually told her. She can't even get food stamps to feed her kids.

However, if she was any other ethnicity, or didn't speak English, she'd qualify for everything. So she's having to constantly borrow money from her friends to buy food and pay for her electricity, gas for heating, and her cell phone because she doesn't have a land line in her apartment. If she doesn't have a phone, she can't get calls from potential employers nor her kids' school in case of emergency. The welfare people consider her having this cell phone a luxury -- not that it matters since the other factors are against her more than that. And she's gone on so many interviews I've lost count.

So this illegal immigration thing grates on me more than ever -- and it's not that I want to deny them medical care or have their kids be born in an unhealthy manner because as humans everyone deserves decent health care or else disease spreads. What I take exception to is that Americans themselves are not afforded the same things as illegals are and that's not right. Not all Americans are able to pay for things, there are poor white people as much as there are any other ethnicity yet because they're legal citizens who technically have access to all this crap illegals don't, they are expected to pay through the nose or not get any assistance at all.

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