Monday, January 21, 2008

Democratic Debate: "I Just Want to Be Clear About This"

"I can't tell who I'm running against, sometimes." Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton referring to her husband, Bill Clinton.

And, John Edwards asks, "How many kids are going to get an education from this?" regarding the "squabbling" between Barack and Hillary. "The American people deserve to know what we are going to do" about the problems in our society and economy, I presume.

Edwards also says, "African American families are more vulnerable to predatory lenders and payday lenders...we need a national predatory lender law."

Barack says, "This is not new...we have a history in this country of preying upon people who are financially strapped..."

"We have to have consistency in how we vote," Barack says.

"Does you plan cover the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the country?" Barack says, "It does not." Then says the important question is: "How are we going to get this (health-care reform) done?" Ooh, he implies that when health insurance is made mandatory (as Hillary says it must become), the money will be taken forcefully from our paychecks!

Edwards says, "Everybody is worthy of health care."

Barack says, "If we are not making it affordable enough, and you mandate that families have to buy it then they have to choose between that and being fined for not having health insurance."

Hillary says, "I'm looking to bring our troops home when I am President. There is no military solution...I will put the Iraqi government on notice..."

"I want to be as careful in getting out as we were getting in,"
says Barack regarding troop withdrawals from Iraq. "We are seeing Al-Qaida stronger than ever since 2001."

Hillary says that Bush is trying to establish permanent bases in Iraq without approval of Congress.

"People want to move beyond our divisions..." says Barack. "Race is a factor in our society, there's no doubt that this peaks interest... but I don't want to sell the American people short."

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