Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Hope

Someone I sort of know said that government can not save us. I never thought that it could. But, I have new hope that our election of Barack Obama is the beginning of a better way of life for Americans. Surely, we can work together to make this country more respected in the rest of the world.

Look at us: we are so hated by so many countries. This is just sad. We are a generous people; a giving nation. Yet, people around the world burn our flag! or stomp on the image of our president.

We have turned our eyes inward to a point that we have failed to see that the world has turned its face against us.

Let's support our president-elect, and make the world a better place to be.

Let's support our president-elect, and make our country the greatest place to be.


Kathy said...

How can a man, bent on the destruction of human life, help how our nation is perceived overseas. First of all the Islamic world deplores abortion and homosexuality, two of the sacraments of the Democrat Party. I guess if you just "imagine" realize it, but not after indulging in some prescription medications. Or better yet, put the blinders on and numb your mind, Mr. Obama is counting on it.

Carley Eason Evans MS CCC-SLP said...

Just look back at the cheers from people around the world. No one ever completely agrees with a candidate's views. I am pro-life, pro-Bible... but, I can't condone another 4 to 8 years of Bush politics.