Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mirena: Catering to Men, Mucking with Women

A new drug, Mirena is being marketed to married women (or to women 'in a stable relationships') as a means to decrease the number of normal menstrual cycles during the years of childbirth.

Drug researchers and manufacturers continue to alter a woman's body for the convenience, ultimately it seems, of men. What drug manufacturer or researcher is looking for a pill designed to decrease the number of sperm a man produces or to decrease the quality of a man's sperm so that impregnation is less likely or even impossible? We continue to muck with a woman's physiology without any concern at all for the long-term consequences to her health and well-being. We also continue to cater to men.


Jennifer said...

I think it's because the R&D departments are still a Good Ol' Boys Club who think that A: Women must HATE to menstruate (because they, as men, don't like it and want nothing at all to do with it, ergo, WE must also hate it) and B: it's MANLY to impregnate as much as possible and populate the earth. Neanderthal thinking at the worst, sexist at best. I'm with you. Let's start researching ways to decrease a man's ability to get a woman pregnant. We've increased his ability to get an erection and sustain it, why should women constantly be the ones to handle the birth control? It takes two to make a baby.

toothdigger said...

Thanks Jennifer! I did notice yesterday that the Mirena advertisement I saw on television indicated in small print that Mirena is not a drug as I thought, but an intrauterine device that can be removed. Why it is different from other IUDs, I have no idea. Nevertheless, I stand by my original thoughts: We muck with women's physiology way too much. Let's find other ways to control birth.

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